About NIS

National Institute of Standards Home of Metrology in Egypt.

Why NIS is the perfect partner for your business

There are many commercial laboratories that can provide excellent calibration and testing services.  But those labs all rely on NIS  to perform calibration of their standard measuring systems. Only NIS has access to the full range of calibration standards – from the Primary standard, through the Secondary standards to the Working standards used by commercial calibration laboratories. When you require the highest level of calibration – NIS should be your partner of choice.

NIS is also the only organization with the size and scale to offer a broad range of calibration covering all of the

  • NIS is the only lab that has access to the primary standards.
  • Only NIS can provide the most accurate and precise calibration.
  • NIS has the most highly qualified academic staff – with active contacts to other NIM’s.
  • NIS is ISO 17025 and 17043 qualified.
  • Customer focus.

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