Research and Development

Part of NIS mission is to ensure that Egypt’s measuring capabilities are World Class – and are continually being improved. Many NIS scientists participate in international collaborations with laboratories in Europe, USA cropped-p3090034.jpgand Asia. These include well-known National laboratories such as NPL in UK, PTB in Germany and NIST in USA.  NIS scientists travel to International laboratories to work and to receive training. NIS also takes part in Inter Laboratory Comparisons (ILC) in which a group of laboratories carry out a series of measurements and the results are compared by statistical analysis. In this way, errors and offsets are identified and corrected – leading to ever more accurate and precise results.

Current International projects in which NIS participates include re-definition of the Kelvin and Kilogram. These form part of a long-term, international effort to replace standards based on physical objects (such as the original Platinum Kg) with measurements that are derived for fundamental Physical constants (such as the speed of light).  For example, NIS scientists have  collaborated with LNE-CNAM in France to construc an advanced Helium Cryostat that allows highly precise temperature measurements to 6.5K and this is used in ILC’s to support the new temperature standard. NIS also possesses a prototype of the recently-developed Silicon Sphere that will be used in the new definition of the kilogram.