Chemical Metrology

Includes 5 Laboratories:

  • Textile Metrology Laboratory
  • Polymer Metrology & Technology Laboratory
  • Fire & Explosion Protection Laboratory
  • Reference Materials Laboratory
  • Nano Metrology & Technology Laboratory

Textile Metrology Laboratory (TML)

Textile Metrology Lab., National Institute for Standards (TML-NIS) was established to be the National Textile Laboratory of Egypt. Actually, the TML lab satisfies the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025 for the textile testing activities. It performs various tests and measurements required for human safety; hazardous and environmental impacts in textile industries (eco-label and ecotex); evaluates indoor environmental monitoring (Hospital and clean rooms, microbiological and calibration labs and sterilized areas).

TML also performs a wide range of calibrations most of the chemical analysis equipment such as: air, liquid and gases velocity, flow meters, particulate counters, beside, training and consultancy services to our customers.

Polymer Metrology & Technology Laboratory (PMTL)

PMTL provides various industrial sectors with calibration and testing activities and conducting scientific research that offers practical solutions to industrial problems according to international standards. This is in addition to training and consultancy services related to these fields. Our laboratory is accredited by Egyptian Accreditation Council (EGAC) in measuring tensile strength for plastics and rubbers.


Calibration: Calibration of Hardness Tester (Shore A & Shore D).

Testing: Measurement of physical and chemical properties of polymers (Plastics, Rubber, Foam, Paints… etc.).

Training and consultancy: PMTL provides technical consultancy for the Egyptian industry, universities and research centers.PMTL conducts workshops and training sessions for polymer metrology & applications.

Scientific research

Providing practical solutions to industrial problems based on advanced scientific research

Examples of some instruments exist in PMTL

  • Tensile testing machine
  • Testing of tensile strength, elongation, compression, bending, tear for different types of materials
  • High Temperature Gel Permeation Chromatography (HT-GPC)
  • Measurement of molecular weights viscosity and branching of polymers, at temperature range (30:2200 C)
  • Dynamic Mechanical Thermal Analysis
  • Measures different polymer properties such as: storageand loss modulus, glass transition temperature (Tg) …. etc.

Fire & Explosion Protection Laboratory

The laboratory represents the main gate for protection for fire and explosion in Egypt.

The FEP performs varieties of tests, calibrations, consultants and training for all sectors in Egypt in the field of fire and explosion protection. All these services performed based on the international standards in these fields. This is in addition to doing advanced scientific research in synthesis, characterization and application of new flame retardant materials. This in conjunction to preparation and characterization of reference material in the field of fire and explosion protection.

Reference Materials Laboratory

Quality of chemical measurements is an important issue in today’s world influencing quality of life, border-cross trade and commerce. On an international scale, the world of chemical measurements is undergoing major changes. Since a decade initiatives have been taken at an international level and across the measurement sectors to ensure that the measurement science issues are applied in a systematic way. This is done to improve the quality of chemical measurement results and thus make them acceptable everywhere.


Reference materials Laboratory is primary metrology laboratory (Metrology in Chemistry), it develops national measurement standards (CRM).

Development and improvement of certification, harmonization and compatibility of reference materials with international standards.

Dissemination of traceability to the national system and through it to the international system.

Cooperation with international and regional metrology organizations [RMOs] for transferring knowledge to national system.

RM Lab. offers technical support to industry in everything related to measurements, reference materials and data to establish traceability of their measurements.

Nano Metrology & Technology Laboratory

The Laboratory is under construction.