Fire and Explosion Protection

The laboratory represents the main gate for protection for fire and explosion in Egypt. The FEP performs varieties of tests, calibrations, consultants and training for all sectors in Egypt in the field of fire and explosion protection. All these services performed based on the international standards in these fields. This is in addition to doing advanced scientific research in synthesis, characterization and application of new flame retardant materials. This in conjunction to preparation and characterization of reference material in the field of fire and explosion protection. The Laboratory has been accredited according to ISO 17025 in some of testing services.

Types of services offered by FEP


  • Calibration of toxic and flammable gases analyzer
  • Calibration of lower explosion limits (LEL) apparatus.
  • Calibration of PH meters instruments.
  • Calibration of flash point instruments.
  • Calibration of smoke point.
  • Calibration of oxygen analyzer.


  • Measurement the flammability properties for various materials such as building materials, woods, polymers and textiles using different standard methods and measurement their smoke toxicity.
  • Measurement of safety characteristic data for flammable liquids & gases.

Training and Consultation

  • FEP lab presents consultations for different life sectors in the field of fire & explosion protection.
  • FEP provides advanced training in fields :
  1. Calibration of gases analyzers.
  2. Calibration of lower explosion Limit (LEL) apparatus.
  3. Calibration of PH Meter.
  4. Calibration of flashpoint.
  5. Industrial Safety.
  6. Uncertainty calculations in fire tests.

Research Field

  • Synthesis and production of fire retardant and smoke suppressant materials.
  • Preparation and Characterization of reference materials in fire and explosion protection.
  • Advanced researches in the field of explosion protection.

Examples of some instruments exist in FEP

  • Cone calorimeter instrument for flammability measurement of materials.
  • Smoke box instrument for smoke measurement released from materials.
  • Single burning Item instrument for half industrial scale measurement of flammability
  • UL94 flame chamber instrument for measuring rate of burning of different materials.
  • IMO flame spread instrument for measuring flame spread in different materials
  • Cable test instrument for measuring the flame spread of electrical cables.


  1. National Research Center
  2. Egypt Air
  3. Fyzer Medical Company
  4. Lafarge Cement Company
  5. El Swedi for Caples