Reference Material Metrology

Quality of chemical measurements is an important issue in todays world influencing quality of life, border-cross trade and commerce. On an international scale, the world of chemical measurements is undergoing major changes. Since a decade initiatives have been taken at an international level and across the measurement sectors to ensure that the measurement science issues are applied in a systematic way. This is done to improve the quality of chemical measurement results and thus make them acceptable everywhere.


Reference materials Laboratory is primary metrology laboratory (Metrology in Chemistry), it develops national measurement standards (CRM).

Development and improvement of certification, harmonization and compatibility of reference materials with international standards.

Dissemination of traceability to the national system and through it to the international system.

Cooperation with international and regional metrology organizations [RMOs] for transferring knowledge to national system.

RM Lab. offers technical support to industry in everything related to measurements, reference materials and data to establish traceability of their measurements

Reference Materials for Water Quality Testing

Reference Materials Laboratory has released a number of RMs for water testing:

  • Anions standard solutions
  • Elemental standard solutions
  • TDS and TSS standard solutions
  • pH and conductivity standard solutions
  • Pesticides standard solutions

Reference Materials for Health and Food Quality Testing

Reference Materials Laboratory has released a number of RMs for health and Food Quality testing:

  • Vitamins Reference Materials (Milk powder and Infant Formula)
  • Tocopherols in vegetable oils (Wheat Germ, Olive and Corn Oils)
  • Caffeine Reference Materials (Chocolates and Beverages)
  • Anions and Cations standard solutions


  • Calibration of chemical measurement systems
  • Assessment of analytical methods
  • Testing of measurement devices
  • Organization of inter-laboratory comparisons
  • Design of quality assurance programs
  • Identication and qualitative analysis of customers samples
  • Education and training

Application fields

  • Food and Agriculture (meat, fish, vegetable etc.)
  • Environment analysis (mater, soil, sediment etc.)
  • Biological and clinical testing (blood, urine etc.)
  • Metals analysis (ferrous, nonferrous etc.)
  • Chemicals testing (gas, solvents, paints etc.)
  • Pure materials (chromatography, isotopes etc.)
  • Industrial raw materials and products (fuels, glass, cement etc.)

Services to the customers

  • Certified Reference Materials (CRMs)
  • Calibration of equipment used for chemical measurement
  • Testing of Anions, cations in different matrices, preservatives in food, beverage and cosmetics, VOCs in water and soil, Alloys and identifying stainless steel grades.
  • Training in chemical metrology topics (Uncertainty, Method validation, selection and use of RM, quality control techniques, statistical data analysis and Correct use of measuring equipment,

International Activity

Reference Materials Laboratory successfully participated in some key comparisons with AFRIMETS and APMP e.g. CCQM-K27 and (CCQM-P128

Equipment and Facilities

Reference Materials Laboratory is equipped with modern and sophisticated equipment as follow:

  • X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer (XRF)
  • Gas Chromatograph- Mass Spectrometry (GCMS)
  • X-Ray powder Diffraction Spectrometer