Electrical Quantity Metrology


The department is responsible for maintaining and disseminating the national electrical standards for the quantities of DC voltage and current, resistance, capacitance, inductance and AC/DC transfer. Also, the activities of the information technology laboratory are related to this department. Calibration of the standards and electrical equipments of scientific and industrial laboratories are performed. Scientific research is carried out to improve the calibration measurement capabilities of the department.

The department consists of five laboratories:

DC Voltage and Current Laboratory :

Since year 2009, the laboratory had the 10V Josephson Array Voltage Standard (JAVS) that represents the SI unit of voltage, as national Standard of DC voltage in Egypt.

The unit of voltage is also maintained via a bank of 38 Weston cells and 13 Zener diode reference standards as Secondary Standards. The traceability of the national unit of voltage is achieving by international comparisons with the similar national measurement laboratories at different countries (NMIs).

The laboratory is capable of calibrating DC instruments using either JAVS or other suitable reference, and the total expanded uncertainties at coverage factor k=2

Resistance Laboratory:

The unit of resistance is maintained by mean of five One Ohm Thomas type standard resistors traceable to the SI units by calibrating them periodically against the Quantum Hall resistance standards at the BIPM. Moreover, the laboratory has the shown highly accurate resistance measurement system.

It also has two 10 kΩ standard resistors, traceable to BIPM, and two 100 Ω, traceable to NIST, USA.

This Lab. can measure resistance values up to GΩ range.

Capacitance and Inductance Laboratory:

This Lab. has some types of capacitance and inductance standards, such as AH Fused Silica capacitance standards which enable the participation in the international comparisons.

Highly accurate capacitance measurements are carried out using the shown Ultra Precision Capacitance Bridge with (option E) which is the first copy of this version in the world.

This bridge has been designed especially to meet the critical requirements of the calibration and research laboratories. This Lab. also has a precise automatic LCR meter and two Gen. Radio bridges for capacitance and inductance measurements.

Some of our standards have been calibrated at the NPL lab, England which is accredited by the UKAS and some of them are traceable to the BIPM. The Lab. can provide standard capacitance values up to mF.

AC/DC Transfer Laboratory:

The AC/DC voltage and current standards are traceable to NIST (USA) or PTB (Germany).

Information Technology Laboratory:

Research areas of the Lab. include the following:

  • IT in metrology (Automation, Remote metrology, etc…)
  • Metrology in IT (Software testing, Network metrology, etc.)

Some national places in Egypt are related and traceable to the quantity of electrical capacitance at the NIS, such as Radiance laboratory in the NIS, Egypt. Such as:

  1. Egyptian Air‐Force.
  2. General Organization for Export and Import Control of Egypt.
  3. Center of high voltage researches of Electricity Company of Egypt.
  4. National Services Projects Organization (NSPO)
  5. El-Sewedy Industries