High Voltage Metrology

High Voltage lab can achieve traceability to SI Unit for measuring and sourcing high voltage equipment up to 400 kV. Also , the lab can perform tests that related to high voltage field, according to international standards. Also , high voltage lab has the primary standard of electrical power and energy , so it can achieve traceability to SI unit for measuring and sourcing power and energy instruments.

1)High Voltage & high current unit




(1.1.1) High Voltage measurement

  • Calibration of AC (50 Hz) H.V. Sources up to 400 kV.
  • Calibration of AC (50 Hz) H.V. measuring instruments up to 200 kV.
  • Calibration of Impulse test measuring instruments up to 140 kV.
  • Calibration of transformer oil testers up to 60 kV.
  • Calibration of Potential Transformers (PT) up to 100 KV.

(1.1.2) High Current measurement

  • Calibration of AC (50 Hz) Current Sources and measuring Instruments up to 5K A.
  • Calibration of DC Current Measuring Instruments up to 2K A.
  • Calibration of Current Transformers (CT) ups to 5K A primary current.

(1.1.3) Others

  • Calibration of partial discharge Calibrators up to 2000 pC
  • Calibration of insulation resistance measuring instruments (MEGGERS)up to 611 G, with DC voltage source up to 5 KV.
  • Calibration of C and tan δ measuring instruments.
  • Calibration of Transformers turns ratio measuring Instruments




  • Testing of break down in transformers oil.
  • Testing of insulator AC (50 HZ) breakdown.
  • Testing of solid insulator impulse voltage.
  • Measuring Capacitance and Dissipation Factor (C & tan δ) of Insulation Samples.

(2) Power and energy unit

This unit has the Primary Standard of Power which works in the range of 40-320V & 0.001-100 A with accuracy 30 PPM

However, power and energy unit it self can measure from 40-600V&

0.001-6000 A with all possible phase shifts.


(2.1) Calibrations


  • Calibration of sub-standard energy meters of classes 0.1, 0.2 and 0.5%.
  • Calibration of energy and power analyzers.
  • Calibration of energy and power meters of all kinds (mechanical , electronical ,1 Phase , 3 Phase , directly connected or through PT&CT.
  • Calibration of power ,current .voltage and frequency transducers.
  • Calibration of power factor meters for all possible phase shifts.
  • Calibration of Phantom loads.
  • Calibration of power sources.


(2.2) Tests

  • The unit can perform the TYPE TEST for all kinds of energy meters.
  • Testing of phase indicators.


(3)Electromagnetic compatibility unit

This unit can perform the tests of conducted immunity tests according to IEC 61000-4-X for example electrostatic discharge , surge , fast transient burst, damped oscillatory wave.

* Radiated immunity testing system is under construction



  • Primary Standard for Electrical Power & Energy
  • Reference Standard for Power & Energy Meters
  • AC/ DC High Voltage Measuring Instrument up to 200 kV
  • AC/ DC High Current Power Source up to 5000 A AC
  • Surge Generator




  1. El Sewedy Cables Group
  2. Ministry of Electricity and Energy
  3. Inpi Company
  4. The General authority for controlling on exports and imports
  5. New and renewable energy authority