Time and Frequency and Microwave Metrology

The Lab had an international recognition since 2012 in measuring the Frequency, the Time Interval and the time scale Difference.



  • Realizing, maintaining, and developing the national Time and Frequency Standard for Egypt using Cesium Beam Frequency Standard 5071A.
  • Realizing, maintaining, and developing the national primary standard of high frequency (HF) power for Egypt using Microcalorimeter in the frequency range 10MHz-18GHz.
  • Building the Egyptian time scale (UTC (NIS)).
  • Participation in the International Intercomparisons.
  • Time and frequency dissemination.
  • Conducting research for enhancing the accuracy and uncertainty of measurements in both the time and frequency metrology and in the microwaves metrology.
  • Providing training.
  • Providing Consultations.
  • Represent NIS in the technical committee of Electro-Magnetic Compatibility, Measuring Instruments and Electronic Control, and Time at the Egyptian Organization for Standardization and Quality.


International Cooperation


  • Participation in the international Key comparisons of time and frequency organized by the International Bureau of Standards and weights (BIPM).
  • Represent NIS at the international/regional technical committees in both the time and frequency metrology and in the radio frequency and microwave (RF & MW/EMC) metrology.


Calibration Services


  • The time interval measuring devices (ex: stopwatches/timers).
  • Oscillators (Cesium, Rubidium, Quartz).
  • Frequency Counters.
  • Frequency sources (ex., function generators, sweep generators, etc).
  • Rotary and planer motion devices (centrifuges, mixers, shakers etc).
  • Tachometers.
  • Oscilloscopes.
  • RF Signal Generators.
  • Spectrum Analyzer.
  • Cable and Antenna Analyzer (ex., Site Master).
  • Distortion Measurement Devices.
  • Attenuators.
  • Microwave Power Sensors.
  • Electromagnetic Waves Measurement Devices.
  • Circuit characterization in the frequency band 10 MHz – 40 GHz (measurement of scattering parameters and attenuation coefficient).
  • Measuring the harmonic content and distortion of signals within the frequency range of 9 kHz – 30 GHz.


Testing Services

Measuring the radiation of mobile stations within the frequency range of 0.5 MHz – 5GHz.

Training Services


  • Annual Indoor training course.
  • Annual Outdoor training course.
  • Unplanned training courses according to customers request.


Main Lab Equipments


  1. Cesium Beam Frequency Standard (5071A)
  2. Oscilloscope Calibrator (Fluke 9500B)
  3. Time Transfer System (TTS)
  4. Universal Time Interval Counter (SR620)
  5. Microcalorimeter
  6. Electromagnetic field probe
  7. Spectrum Analyzer
  8. Vector Network Analyzer




  1. Authority of National Service Projects.
  2. Egypt Air.
  3. General Authority for controlling the exports and imports.
  4. Eva Pharma.
  5. Telecom Egypt.