Length and Precision Engineering

Includes 3 Laboratories:

  • Primary Length Standard & Laser Technology Lab.
  • Line & End Secondary Standards Lab.
  • Engineering & Surface Metrology Lab.

Primary Length Standard & Laser Technology Laboratory

In Egypt, the primary length standard is an iodine-stabilized He-Ne laser with a relative standard uncertainty of ± 2.5 × 10-11 . The Primary Length Standard and Laser laboratory offers different calibration services that range from measuring the frequency and wavelengths of lasers used in length metrology as well as different other applications .In order to do this, the laboratory uses femto-second frequency comb and the primary laser as well as wavemeters. Characteristics of medical lasers can also be measured at our laboratory. For telecommunications sector, the laboratory offers calibration of their measuring equipment that are used in optical telecommunication analysis like (OTDRs, SDH analyzes, laser sources, variable attenuator etc.), The laboratory can calibrate different other equipment like, distance meters, range finders, total stations, laser alignment kits, Laser Doppler velocimeters (that are used for cable length measurement) and GPS receiver systems.

Line & End Secondary Standards Laboratory

The laboratory of End and Line Standards is one of the laboratories of the division of Length Metrology and Engineering Precision.  The laboratory provides traceability to industrial units as it keeps, maintains, and calibrates the secondary standards of length. It also provides testing of optical components and optical devices in accordance with the international standards.

The laboratory provides consultation to industrial units in addition to the training courses and research works that serve industrial and scientific sectors in the field of measurement of length, displacement, material properties, polarization, and refractive indices .

Calibration and measurement services

  • Calibration of short end standards gauge blocksusing laser
  • Calibration of long end standards gauge blocksusing laser.
  • Calibration of different scales and encoders.
  • Calibration of graduated lenses.
  • Calibration of auto-refractometers
  • Calibration of standard quartzes.
  • Calibration of polarimeters
  • Ellipsometric measurements.
  • Calibration of Fine dimensions using dimensional microscope.
  • Calibration of displacements and straightness.

Engineering & Surface Metrology Laboratory

The ESM Lab is within the Division of Length Metrology and Precision Engineering (LMPE) at NIS


  • The ESM lab is responsible for carrying out researches, calibration and measurements in the following fields:
  • Metrology of universal, Coordinate measuring machines (UMMs; CMMs) as well metrology of machine tools (m/c tool metrology)
  • Metrology of geometrical shapes (three dimensional, compound shapes, free shapes.
  • Metrology of angles.
  • Metrology of gauges and simple measuring tools (calipers, micrometers etc).
  • Metrology of Surfaces.
  • Metrology of non-contact system and applications of optical and interferormetric methods of length measurements.
  • Measurements protocols and innovated methods for production metrology (inspection and quality control).
  • Long distance measurements and calibrations.
  • Nanmetrology and metrology of thin films.