End and Line Secondary Standards Metrology

The laboratory of End and Line Standards is one of the laboratories of the division of Length Metrology and Engineering Precision. The laboratory provides traceability to industrial units as it keeps, maintains, and calibrates the secondary standards of length. It also provides testing of optical components and optical devices in accordance with the international standards.

The laboratory provides consultation to industrial units in addition to the training courses and research works that serve industrial and scientific sectors. New topics are added to the research work of the laboratory and conduct the nonlinear optical properties of the materials.

Calibration and measurement services

  • Calibration of short end standards “gauge blocks” (0.5-100 mm) laser.
  • Calibration of long end standards “gauge blocks” (range >100mm – 1000mm) using laser.
  • Calibration of line scale and encoders.
  • Calibration of graduated lenses with uncertainty.
  • Calibration of auto-refractometers (1.3 – 1.7).
  • Calibration of standard quartzes.
  • Calibration of polarimeters and polariscopes.
  • Ellipsometric measurements.
  • Calibration of Fine dimensions using dimensional microscope.
  • Calibration of displacements and straightness.


  • Developing of interferometric techniques and methods of measurement
  • Employing of diode laser in dimensional measurements
  • Monte Carlo method in uncertainty evaluation
  • Application of holography in testing fine surfaces
  • Optical fibers properties
  • Nonlinear optics
  • Measuring length, surface defects, vibration, velocity, expansion using speckle

International Recognition and Accreditation

The laboratory is involved in international comparisons organized by EURAMET and AFRMET.

Training courses

  • We provide the following training courses:
  • Calibration of long gauge blocks (4 days)
  • Calibration of standard scales (4 days)
  • Calibration of short gauge blocks (4 days)
  • Polarization and refractive indices (4 days)


  • Calibration of Short and Long Gauge Blocks using lasers
  • Calibration of line scales and encoders
  • Calibration of graduated lens and fine dimensions
  • Calibration of distance, displacement, and straightness
  • Calibrations of Refractometers (Refractive index & Brix)
  • Calibration of Polarimeters
  • Calibration of Standard Quartz
  • Ellepsometric measurement


  • Tank factory, Air forces, Egypt Air, Sakr
  • Exports & Imports Surveillance, Marble industries
  • International company for food industries, Sugar industries
  • Eastern company, Survey company
  • Paints & Chemicals industries (BETEK)