Engineering and Surface Metrology

The ESM Lab is within the Division of Length and Precision Engineering Metrology (LPEM) at NIS


The ESM lab is responsible for caring out researches, calibration and measurements in the following fields:

  • Metrology of universal, Coordinate measuring machines (UMMs; CMMs) as well metrology of machine tools (m/c tool metrology)
  • Metrology of geometrical shapes (three dimensional, compound shapes, free shapes.
  • Metrology of angles.
  • Metrology of gauges and simple measuring tools (calipers, micrometers … etc).
  • Metrology of Surfaces.
  • Metrology of non-contact system and applications of optical and interferormetric methods of length measurements.
  • Measurements protocols and innovated methods for production metrology of products (inspection and quality control).
  • Long distance measurements and calibrations.
  • Nanmetrology and metrology of thin films.
  • Calibration of Surfaces Instruments
  • Metrology UMM, CMM and m/c tools
  • The laboratory carries out verification and calibration for UMM, CMM and M/C tools also testing computer numerical contorted (CNC) machines using laser’s system according to recent specifications and standards.

Metrology of Surface

The lab carries out surface topography measurements suitable for a variety of surfaces ranging from roughly machined surface to very fine surface down to the nanometer scale.

A Form Talysuif ®, a Mitotoyo® hand roughness tester, Zigo® white light interference microscope (white light scanning and phase shifty interferncetry), a Scanning Propping Microscope SPM (Atomic force microscopy, … etc) are available. Also the flatness, parallelism and curvature of large optical parts can be calibration using a horizontal Zigo® laser interference microscope (large objects).

Coordinate Metrology

The laboratory has a precise Ziess–Prismo coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) for measure the dimensional and geometrical surface metrology of simple and complicated parts with size of 700mm x 900mm x 500mm with resolution down to 0.1 µm.

Angle Measurement

The lab has different system for angular measurements. Two Elcomat® Auto collimators and an Elegant® (hp) laser Measuring Systems are available. Capabilities for flatness, straightness and perpendicularity for machines are available.

Roundness Measurement

A Taylor Hobson Talyrond® as well as Ziess–Priso® CMM are available and capable of measuring insides and outside rings and cylinders up to 355 mm diameter and with resolution of down to 50 nm.

Calibrated of Gauge Blocks (GBs)

Gauge blocks of grades 1& 2 are calibration using tactile methods according to ISO standards with resolution down to 0.01 µm.

Calibration of Universal Microscopes, Profile Projectors and other simple hand measuring instruments and tools are carried out using different dimensional standards traceable to SI unit of length

Training Courses

The lab offers several training courses in the fields of its scope. The duration of the course is commonly ranged from few days to one week. The courses are mostly practical application in the laboratories with hands on the Instruments as well as explanation lectures.


There are 15 specialists (3 PhD, 2 MSc, 6 BSc, 4 technicians and 2 secretarial) with a group of professors and retired professors.

Some Important Clients:

  1. Petroleum Companies.
  2. Suez Canal Authority Companies.
  3. Government and Privets Authorities.
  4. Industrial Arab Authority Companies.
  5. Local Automotive Industrial Companies.