Mass & Force Metrology

Division of Mass & Force Metrology

Includes 5 Laboratories:


  • Mass, Density & Pressure Laboratory
  • Volume and Fluid flow Laboratory
  • Acoustics Laboratory
  • Force & Material Metrology Laboratory
  • Ultrasonic Laboratory


Mass, Density & Pressure Laboratory


The mass laboratory investigates traceability to all equipment measuring masses using the national primary standard of mass for the Arab Republic of Egypt. The kilogram copy No.58, manufactured from Platinum-Iridium Alloy. This kilogram used for transfer the tractability to the other masses inside and outside the republic. Lab adopts the policy of establishing the traceability of its standards tracing to its own primary standards and avoid the external calibrations.

Mass Lab.

Masses Calibration of different classes from E1 up to M3 in the range from 1 mg to 1000 kg. Calibration of the balances, micro balance, truck Weighing scale, asphalt and concrete patch plants up to 200 ton.

Density Lab.

The density laboratory maintains the primary standard of solid and liquid density (1 kg Single Crystal Silicon Sphere). Measuring the density of masses using a set of systems in the range from 1g up to 50 kg. Automatic calibration of the density hydrometers in the range from 500 kg/m3 up to 3000 kg/m3 using the Automated Hydrostatic Weighing System also calibration of the digital densitometers

Pressures Lab.

The laboratory verifies the National Primary Standard of pressure unit and transfer the traceability to other pressure equipments. Pressure lab maintains the force balance piston gauge FPG for Gauge, Differential and Absolute in ranges up to 15 kPa. Gas Pressure balance with set of piston cylinder for absolute and gauge pressure up to 40 MPa. Oil pressure balance with set of piston cylinder for gauge pressure up to 500 MPa.


Volume and Fluid flow Laboratory (VFL)


Volume Laboratory

The Laboratory calibrates all kind of Glassware, Automatic pipette, Prover tanks ,Giant storage tanks and make direct metrology traceability to the National Standard Platinum kilogram with the best accuracy and low possible uncertainty in Egypt.

Fluid Flow Laboratory

The Laboratory develops primary standard systems for liquid and gas flow measurements and doing computer simulation for fluid flow. In addition to giving calibration services to different kind of liquid and gas flow meters and make the metrology traceability to SI units.


Acoustics Laboratory


Activities of the Acoustic department

Activities of the department are divided into three main groups:

  • Calibration of sound and vibration measuring devices


  • Primary calibration of sound level meters
  • Secondary calibration for sound calibrators
  • Primary & secondary calibration for microphones
  • Calibration of loud speakers
  • Calibration of accelerometers
  • Calibration of audiometer
  • Telephone test
  • Calibration of reference sound source


  • Acoustic measurements in building and vibrations


  • Measurement of acoustic absorption coefficient and reflection coefficient for the materials and also the acoustic impedance
  • Measurement of the acoustic insulation of the materials.
  • Measurement of the sound distribution in auditorium
  • Measurement of the acoustic power for machines
  • Measurement of the vibrations
  • Measurement of the different noise& its control


  • Hearing measurements


  • Measurement of the hearing threshold for human
  • Audiometer calibration system for hospitals and clinics


  • Also from the department activities


  • Training courses in the sound and vibration measurements.
  • Acoustics consultant for different activities.


Force & Material Metrology Laboratory


Force and Material Metrology laboratory offers traceable measurements for force, torque, hardness and Impact. The laboratory carries researches on material science, stress analysis, measurement instruments and calibration methods in order to serve the industry.

The laboratory participates in inter-laboratory comparisons organized under BIPM umbrella. The quality system in force primary activity achieve the international recognition in 2009 and its CMC`s was published on BIPM-KCDB in 2009, torque CMC`s was published in 2015.

The laboratory offers test facilities in parallel with calibration facilities. Tensile tests, and hardness tests activities were accredited by EGAC in 2011.

Ultrasonic Laboratory

Ultrasonic Department Mission


The ultrasound metrology lab is designated the responsibility to establish and maintain the Egyptian measurements in the field of ultrasonic and compare them continuously with the international standards, so that they would be always valid and ready for calibration purposes. Carrying out scientific researches and physical properties measurements of different materials.


Available services

1- The ultrasonic laboratory can perform the calibration services according to the international standards as follows:


  • Calibration of ultrasonic instruments used for non-destructive testing of materials using pulse echo technique.
  • Calibration of ultrasonic standard reference blocks.
  • Calibration of different types of ultrasonic transducers (normal, angle and TR probes).
  • Calibration of ultrasonic thickness gauges.
  • Calibration of ultrasonic flow meters.
  • Calibration of Ultrasonic cleaners.
  • Calibration of AC Yokes.


2-Testing According to international standards (Detection & Evaluation)

3-Training and advisory

The most important measurements in the laboratory:


  • Measurement of ultrasonic wave velocities (Longitudinal &transverse )
  • Calculations of mechanical properties of materials which are compared with those obtained using different techniques.