Force and Material Metrology

offers traceable measurements for force, torque, hardness and Impact. The laboratory carries researches on material science, stress analysis, measurement instruments and calibration methods in order to serve the industry.


The laboratory own primary and secondary standards which qualify it to lead the Arab region and North Africa. The Deadweight machines (force primary standards) are considered as the most important one in force field, it covers the range up to 5MN. The laboratory members work on developing their facilities by manufacturing primary standards in force, hardness and torque.

The laboratory participates in inter-laboratory comparisons organized under BIPM umbrella. The quality system in force primary activity achieve the international recognition in 2009 and its CMC`s was published on BIPM-KCDB in 2009, torque CMC`s was published in 2015.

The laboratory offers test facilities in parallel with calibration facilities. Tensile tests and hardness tests activities were accredited by EGAC in 2011.


1- Calibration & Testing Services

  • Calibration of force transducers, devices and proving rings on dead weight force standard machines up to 5 MN.
  • Calibration of force generating systems, force transducers, devices and proving rings on loading frames up to 1500 kN.
  • Calibration of universal testing machines (tension compression bending).
  • Calibration of torque transducers up to 3 kN m.
  • Calibration of torque wrenches, devices, multiplier and machines up to 2.5 kN m.
  • Calibration of hardness and impact testers.
  • Perform impact testing (Izod and Charpy).
  • Perform hardness testing (Vickers- Rockwell Brinell- micro hardness).
  • Perform mechanical tests (tension compression bending) up to 1200 kN.

2- Training Programs

The laboratory carries out workshops and training courses on force, torque, hardness and material science looking forward to increase the knowledge of those who are interested in its activities.

  • Some of the training courses
  • Calibration of universal testing machines.
  • Calibration of force transducers
  • Calibration of torque transducers
  • Calibration of torque wrenches
  • Calibration of hardness testers
  • Calibration of impact testers
  • Mechanical tests
  • Uncertainty evaluation in force calibrations and mechanical tests

3- Consultancy Services

Force and Material Metrology Laboratory provides consultancy services to improve industrial field in force metrology.

Main equipments

  •  Primary force measurements Dead Weight Machine (DWM)
  •  Secondary force measurements loading frame
  • Torque Measurements
  • Secondary Calibration Machine
  • Hardness Measurements (Universal Hardness M/C)
  • Impact Measurements
  • Mechanical tests


  1. Public and private construction companies
  2. Iron and steel production companies
  3. Automotive industries
  4. Packing and pre-packing companies
  5. Petroleum and drilling companies