Mass, Density & Pressure Laboratory

The lab maintains the national primary standard of mass for the Arab Republic of Egypt. The kilogram copy No.58, manufactured from Platinum-Iridium Alloy. This kilogram used for transfer the tractability to the other masses inside and outside the republic. Lab adopts the policy of establishing the traceability of its standards tracing to its own primary standards and avoid the external calibrations.

International Recognition

The primary standards of Mass, Density and Pressure Lab. are recognized from BIPM Based on the agreement of CIPM-MRA and the CMC’s had been published via BIPM KCDB.

International Comparisons

Since 1999 mass, density and pressures lab participating effectively in the comparisons organized within the activities of BIPM and regional metrology organizations like AFRIMETS, EURAMET, APMP and GULFMET. Lab participated in more than 30 key and supplementary comparisons in the laboratory activities.

Calibration and measurement services


  • Mass Laboratory Calibration Service


Calibration of the masses of different classes from E1 to M3 in the range from 1 mg to 1000 kg. Also Calibration of any other different masses.

Measurement of magnetic susceptibility of the masses.

Calibration of the balances and the weighing instruments from micro balance up to 200 ton.

The mass laboratory has many accurate comparators which used in the calibration serves and scientific researches, for example.


  • Micro-comparator balance with capacity of 6 g and readability 0.1 µg.
  • Comparator balance with capacity of 21 g and readability 1 µg.
  • Automatic comparator balance with 4-position load alternator. Capacity 1000 g and readability 1 µg.
  • Automatic comparator balance with automatic 4-position load alternator. Capacity 10 kg and readability 10 µg.
  • Automatic comparator balance with capacity 50 kg and readability 1 mg with automatic 2-Position load alternator.
  • 1 Ton comparator balance with capacity 1100 kg and readability 0.5 g.
  • Susceptometer for measuring the susceptibility and magnetization of the masses up to 50 kg with readability 1 µg.


  • Density Laboratory Calibration Service


The density laboratory maintains the primary standard of solid and liquid density (1 kg Single Crystal Silicon Sphere).

Automatic calibration of the density hydrometers in the range from 500 kg/m3 up to 3000 kg/m3 using the Automated Hydrostatic Weighing System also calibration of the digital densitometers


  • Pressure Laboratory Calibration Service


The laboratory acquires the National Primary Standard pressure through two identical set of piston cylinder assembly with diameter of 35 mm to verify the national unit of the pressure to other piston cylinder assembly up to 500 MPa.

  • Pressure lab maintains the force balance piston gauge FPG for Gauge, Differential and Absolute in ranges up to 15 kPa.
  • Gas Pressure balance with set of piston cylinder for absolute and gauge pressure up to 40 MPa.
  • Oil pressure balance with set of piston cylinder for gauge pressure up to 500 MPa.
  • Reference pressure instruments used in the secondary calibrations from 1 Pa up to 280 MPa.
  • Testing of pressure relives valves, pressure vessels and pipe lines according to international standards

Training and consultancy

Lab operates set of 9 specialized training courses yearly in the field of mass, density and pressure metrology and uncertainty calculation.

Send specialists of high degree of efficiency to transfer their experience in the above mentioned fields to various sectors which need this service.

Offer consultancy concerned with the above mentioned fields.

Important Customers


  1. Egyptian Organization for Standardization & Quality (EOS)
  2. Assay and balances
  3. General Organization for Export &Import Control
  4. Organization for Industrialization
  5. Pfizer
  6. Petro jet
  7. ENCO lab., El Kuwait
  8. Sudanese Standards and Metrology Organization (SSMO)
  9. Faculty of Pharmacy, King Saud University
  10. Halliburton, Angola