Volume and Fluid Flow Metrology

Volume Laboratory : We calibrate all kind of Glassware, Automatic pipette, Prover tanks ,Giant storage tanks and make direct traceability chain to the National Standard Platinum kilogram with the best accuracy and low possible uncertainty in Egypt.

Fluid Flow Laboratory : We develop primary standard systems for liquid and gas flow measurements and doing computer simulation for fluid flow. In addition to giving calibration services to different kind of liquid and gas flow meters and make the traceability chain to SI units.


Establish and preserve the primary and secondary standards systems to offer measurement results direct traceable to the SI units and transfer the traceability chain to domestic, regional and international sectors.


  • Build primary standard systems
  • Establish secondary standard laboratories
  • Research the relevant topics to volume and fluid flow measurements
  • Participating in the international activities related to volume and fluid flow measurements
  • Offering calibration and proficiency tests to national and international agencies
  • Sustainable development.

Volume Laboratory

Calibration of all kind of glassware range from 1µL up to 6 L.

  • Micropipette calibration systems

The micropipette is used to transfer small amounts (< 1 ml) of liquids. The scales on micropipettes are in microliters. we are offering a high precise services with low uncertainty to calibrate the single and the multi-channel micropipettes up to 12 channels.

  • Proving Tanks

Proving tanks (Provers) are bottom-drain volumetric measures with or without a graduated bottom-neck.are used to calibrate other volumetric vessel or liquid flow meters.

Fluid Flow Laboratory

The fluid flow laboratory at National Institute of the standards provides calibration services for measuring liquid and gas flow. The Lab. develops primary standard systems and simulation models for improving the measurements of fluid flow and makes the traceability chain to SI unit.

The lab. has the capabilities to calibrate different types of flow meters.

The lab. Has the following flow facilities to calibrate different types of flow meters f.

  • Liquid Flow facility LFS1
  • Set of turbine meter
  • Gas flow Facility
  • Primary systems
  • Bell Prover
  • PVTt1
  • Secondary Standards
  • Critical sonic nozzle
  • Laminar flow elements


  1. Egypt air
  2. General Organization forImporting and Exporting Control
  3. Medical Labs.
  4. National Organization For Research & Control Of Biologicals