Photometry and Colorimetry Metrology

The photometery laboratory is a part of photometry and radiometry metrology division. The laboratory is responsible for realization and maintenance of the basic units of photometry including luminance intensity, luminous flux, illuminance luminous according to CIE definitions.

The main photometric Quantities

  • Luminous intensity of light sources
  • Correlated color temperature of light sources
  • Luminous flux
  • Illuminance
  • Luminance

Spectrophotometric Quantities

  • Spectral transmittance& spectral absorbance measurements in the range 200-3000 nm
  • Spectral reflectance measurements for materials in the range 200-3000 nm
  • Luminous Transmittance &luminous Absorbance
  • Opacity measurements
  • CIE, ASTM, Gardener and Saybolt scales
  • Whiteness measurements for grey materials such as papers and ceramics
  • Calibration of spectrophotometers
  • Gloss measurements for glazed surfaces

Standards in photometry laboratory

  • Standard Lamps for photometric quantities such as luminous flux and luminous intensity lamps.
  • Standard Spectrophotometer in the reange of 200 3000nm.
  • Standard illuminance meter (range 0.1 mlux 600000 lux)
  • Standard photometer for candela realization
  • Standard Integrating Sphere
  • Standard Colorimeter
  • Filters for calibrating spectrophotometer.
  • Color standards
  • Gloss Standards

Photometry CMC

International Comparison at luminous Intensity (APMP)

Researches in the field of

  • Characterization of standard instruments for photometric application.
  • Uncertaintycalculation for photometric measurements .
  • Color application.


  1. Egypt air company.
  2. Egyptian organization of standards (EOS) .
  4. Laboratories of ministry of health, ..etc .
  5. Paint & oil factories
  6. Paper companies.
  7. Luminaire factories.
  8. General origination for export and import control
  9. Military factors.
  10. Chemical &medical companies.
  11. Petrol Companies.
  12. Paint & oil factories
  13. Textile Factories.
  14. Lamps factors.
  15. Water and wastewater companies.